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Date: 2006-06-21 23:21:51
Tina Taggart (battlewx@yahoo.com /no homepage) wrote:

I have a question about my grandfather ";Wayne"; do you know anything about him? The story goes that he was adopted by his aunt and uncle and there is no father listed...
Any suggestions, comments???



Date: 2006-02-06 23:39:43
Gwenelle Trivette (mrstrivette@earthlink.net /no homepage) wrote:

If you want more on Elsie Jibben's family....go to...



Date: 2005-11-21 23:12:58
Gerri Licke (gerrilovesroses@sbcglobal.net /no homepage) wrote:

Much effort has gone into this..well done!!Gerri


Date: 2005-05-18 13:44:26
Marilyn Geller (mlgeller@qwest.net /no homepage) wrote:

Karen and Jeff
This is just beautifully done!! I especially like the background and the format of the pictures page.
I guess I need to update the Geller and Whites for you.


Date: 2005-05-16 13:41:04
Hans Juergen Krull (HJKrull at aol.com /http://www.genealogy.com/users/k/r/u/Hans-juergen-Krull/) wrote:

Greetings from Hamburg. Do you know the "Simonswolder Dorfchronik, written by Mrs. Krull with the Krull-Family from Simonswolde ? (not my family)


Date: 2005-05-11 08:01:21
jack mickle (jackmickle@earthlink.com /no homepage) wrote:

Karen, This is so nice of you to do all of this work.
Thanks so much Jack
p.s. do you need some pictures of my dad I don't see any, if so let us know we can hunt some down.


Date: 2005-04-21 13:38:16
Kaye Erbes (kme@mchsi.com /no homepage) wrote:

Enjoyed the pictures, many I had not seen in years. Did not realized how ill Grandpa John DeGroot looked the year before he died! Thanks,


Date: 2005-03-30 00:23:29
Audrey (Shoup) Robinson (robinson@venturecomm.net /no homepage) wrote:

Hi Karen,
I really enjoyed your family tree. My kids sure could have used the info when they need help doing their family tree at school. I really enjoyed the pictures.


Date: 2005-03-18 16:57:00
Ray (birchsam6@msn.com /no homepage) wrote:

Hello Karen
My name is Marlene Birch My Husband Ray (Sidney) just came back from Iraq and we were just looking on the web for old class mates and found your wonderful page. Thank you for all the wonderful information on his family. Thank you


Date: 2004-12-20 13:50:34
Uwe Rademacher (uwe.rademacher@norden.de /no homepage) wrote:

Hello Karen Uphoff,

congratulations for your interesting internet-page!

Greetings from Germany


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