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Date: 2004-12-02 07:01:52
Gary Maroschek (annegary@tropicnet.aunz.com /no homepage) wrote:

Good work!


Date: 2004-11-29 00:19:10
Marvin Knock (marvin@knock.com /no homepage) wrote:

Karen, I tried emailing you at your earthlink address but it came back undeliverable. Could you contact me please. I would love to add your information to my site as we have many of the same people in our databases. We are both related to Bossman, Bultena, Jibben and others. Look forward to hearing from you.
The easiest way to my site is www.knock.com and click on the Family Tree Link.
This site is a 3rd cousin's site and he was kind enough to put a link on it since rootsweb's address is so long and cumbersome.


Date: 2004-11-28 23:16:08
Marvin Knock (marvin@knock.com /no homepage) wrote:

You have a beautiful website.


Date: 2004-02-26 17:20:52
Lyle and Paula Post (ppost@juno.com /no homepage) wrote:

thanks for letting us enjoy your home pages
and learning about new cousins


Date: 2003-10-19 08:15:24
John B. (no email /no homepage) wrote:

Very distinguished looking! Lots of hits will be coming your way! Lots of correspondence as well!!!!


Date: 2003-07-28 13:32:18
kimberlyn lapier (stephfinley@earthlink.net /no homepage) wrote:

i spoke to you last night in reference to our family tree. the information you found was great. i noticed alot of the lapiers dies of some type of lung problem. that's something as my dad has breathing problems. it was nice talking to you here's my e-mail


Date: 2003-03-15 23:46:12
Paul Stetler (pstet48@aol.com /no homepage) wrote:

I was a friend of Lizabeth (Killoran) Buettner's in high school--I found this site and wanted to say hello. I'm married (wife Pat), no children, living in Bordentown NJ. My name and many of her other school friends' names (including Virginia Myers) at Classmates.com, Cinnaminson High School site. Also check names at www.cinnaminson.com/chs...Doing fine, hope she is too-- Best wishes--Paul


Date: 2002-05-17 07:28:28
Martens, Tjaart E. (tje.martens@tref.nl /no homepage) wrote:

I am so glad that I have met you by this electronic way.


Date: 2002-01-05 16:38:37
regg gadeken (gadeken@hartel.net /no homepage) wrote:

have you any family history for elisabeth jansson gadeken?


Date: 2001-08-04 23:40:47
gudrun (gudiB@web.de /no homepage) wrote:

Hi, I'm a german descendant of Jibbe Itzen.
Look at juergen.jibben.de, where you found information about the ancestor of Jibbe Itzen and his German family. This is not my page but from another family member. I am descended from Engelbart Willm Jibben, the big brother of your ancestor Jakob Willms Jibben (born 1842).

Have a nice time


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