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    An OSB is a book compiled by a local researcher.  If they are published through the Upstalsboom-Gesellschaft, the researcher received five copies of the OSB - no monetary renumeration!  Some of these books take more than ten years to finish, so it must be a labor of love.  Other books have been published privately, similar to Ardorf, Simonswolde and Uplenge (Remels) books.  The Ardorf OSB also contains pictures.

    The researcher takes all the information from the church books including birth, marriage and death info., and anything else that is pertinent.  The researcher sorts all the information  by families and cross references the parents and children.  Additional info. in some of the OSB include coats of arms, house numbering, house signs, etc.

    A preface in the front of each book contains more village information, and this is what OSGA is working on translating.


Lin Strong, News Editor 

Ostfriesen Genealogical Society of America

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