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Miscellaneous Documents

Birth verification for Sikke (John) DeGroot from Holland

Sikke DeGroot Birth Certificate

Translated Birth verification for Sikke (John) DeGroot
Translated by John Bolhuis, Netherlands

Baarderadeel Township - Friesland - Netherlands.
In the Civil Administration files of Baarderadeel Township it
is recorded that Sikke de Groot, born
September 3rd, 1880, in Grouw, Idaarderadeel (Township),
Netherlands, has resided in this township from 1881 until
March 15, 1909.
On said date above person departed for North America (the United States).
Mantgum (a town within Baarderadeel Township, and obviously
the place where, at that time, townhall was, and maybe still is),
March 28th, 1946.
The Officer of Civil Administration,


1841 Census Transcript, Irlam, Lancashire, England

1841 Census

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