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[NI0003] worked as a cook at the county farm in Grand Rapids, MN

[NI0004] Horace worked on the RR at the time of Lillian Graves death in 1941

[NI0006] The Death certificate states Joseph was born in 1857. Most of the birth records of his children indicates
he was born in 1858. His headstone says 1857.

According to an obituary in the Deer River News, Deer River, MN, Joseph was born and lived in NY until the age of 12, when his parents moved to MI, and lived in Harrisville and Alpena. In the late1890's he came to MN, where he was first employed as a cook in the lumber camps near Solway, west of Bemidji. In 1904 Joseph and Elen moved to Deer River, and in 1907 homesteaded south of Spring Lake.

[NI0007] Ellen was sponsored into the US from Canada by the Bengaard family in Fosston, MN.
Jens Bengaard Anne Elizabeth Mikalsdatter
b) May 24, 1859 in Norway b) Dec. 1846 in Norway
d) November, 1946 in Frazee, MN d) March 1, 1940 in MN
m) 1882 in Norway Came to Fosston, MN in 1893

Anne was Ellen's blood aunt. Anne had a surviving brother, Kristian Mickelson, and a sister,
Mrs. Marie Overland, in Norway. Baptismal records for Anne in a Lutheran Church in Flatanger,
Norway. According to records found by the Heritage House in Fosston, MN., Ellen was a neice,
and was brought up by the Bengaards.
According to the obituary in the Deer River News, Deer River, MN, Elen came to America in 1899.

According to a Norwegian researcher, Anne Hildrum, Ellen was born Elen.

[NI0015] Sgt US Army WWII

[NI0038] Lester was first in the Navy CB's and then the Seals in WWll
Seabee's Motto: "We Build, We Fight"

The Seabees have built entire bases, bulldozed and paved thousands of miles of roadway and airstrips and many
more construction projects from the islands of WWII, Korea, Vietnam, to the mountains of Bosnia.

In December 1941 after the attack on Pearl Harbor, Rear Admiral Ben Morell, Chief of the Navy's Bureau of
Yards and Docks established Naval Construction Battalions. During WWII men were recruited from the civilian
construction trades and placed under the Civil Engineer Corps.

Sea-Air-Land (SEAL) Teams trace their history back to the first group of volunteers
selected from the Naval Construction Battalions in the spring of 1943. Their mission was
to clear obstacles from beaches chosen for amphibious landings, which began the first
formal training of the Naval Combat Demolition Units (NCDUs). The NCDUs distinguished
themselves at Utah and Omaha beaches in Normandy and in Southern France. In the
Pacific, the NCDUs were consolidated into Underwater Demolition Teams (UDTs).

[NI0040] Served with the US Navy during WW II, stationed at Pearl Harbor.

[NI0048] Elsie was born either a Hammel or Hamilton. She was adopted by the Switzer family.

[NI0050] Came to America about 1870. According to the death notice that was printed in the Lincoln Cty Independent newspaper from Lennox, Dakota Territory July 23, 1886, he came to this area from Stevenson Cty, IL. In an article in the Chancellor, SD Centennial Book 1894-1994, Jacob immigrated from Germany, probably coming through New Orleans.

[NI0070] Andrew Sorenson took the name Garner, when his mom married Wayne Garner.

[NI0071] Joshua Sorenson took the name Garner, when his mom married Wayne Garner

[NI0091] According to Uwe Rademacher, who worked in the registration department of the townhall of Norden, Germany on 1-23-2001 "I can confirm that a Dirk Uphoff, born 9-2-1873 in Westermarsch, was registered in Norden in the years between 4-29-1890 and 1898. He has come to Norden from the village Westermarsch. Dirk Uphoff was registrated in Norden in the street Westerstrasse 683. Unfortunately I can't say anything about the years after 1898, only that he wasn't registrated after that year." Mr. Radermacher also states the village "Westermarsch" is in the area of Norden (distance: 7km), since 1972 it is a part of Norden. Naturalization papers received on 6-2-2001, state Dirk left Bremen, Germany on 12-9-1897 on board the DRESDEN. He arrived in Baltimore, MD on 12-25-1897.

I have got from Mr. Rademacher a newspaper article "The inhabitants of

In the old town of Norden there were only numbers of the houses (I think it
was Napoleon, who would like to know the number of houses in a town. He did
it e.g. in Cologne. There was a house Nr. 4711 and its today a well known
parfume Nr. 4711 in Germany)

I try to translate the essential part:

Norderkluft 2. Rott House Nr. 523 (683) and Nr. 524 (684)

In 1843 Johann Georg Rose, merchand, founded a business for manufactories.
Since 1877 did so Bernhard Hinrich Bührmann.
About the beginning 1900 die houses (683) and (684)were demoliated and new
were built.
In 1906, (25.09) B.H. Bührmann gave the business to his former manger
Hermann Thumann and his brother in law Johannes Eckert. Between 1955 and
1978 Hans Hermann Thumann made his business. He was succeeded by his
daughter Maike Meinen, born Thumann. Today there is a Solarium "Sun Royal".

There are more historical dates from 1618 up to 1892.

And there is a photo.

Herzliche Grüße

Klaus Meyer

[NI0093] John's funeral service was in Ham Lake, Anoka County, MN.

[NI0095] Born on farm near Appleton. Her father delivered her, as the Dr. or midwife didn't get there until the next

[NI0113] Catherine's father was stationed in Frankfort at the time of her birth.

[NI0126] Cival War Veteran According to the death records in Prairie de Chien, WI, William was 88 yrs, 8 mos
at time of death, which was May 29, 1933. The records indicate he was born in Bohemia, and does
not give parents names. 1900 U.S. Census for Crawford County, Seneca Township, WI, states William immigrated to the USA in 1861. .

[NI0127] US Census of 1870 in Chicago, Cook 9th ward, IL, indicates Barbara immigrated to the US 1855. The 1900 Census in WI, Crawford Cty, town of Seneca also states she imigrated in 1855.

[NI0128] A document from Holland, states Sikke was born in Grouw. Family information received from Holland says "The names of the places that are mentioned, are of the place where the certificates were written down. These places were larger and had an archief. This means that the real place of birth or death may be an other (smaller) place near to the archief. Grouw, for instance is a smaller place near Idaarderadeel, but since it had no archief, people had to go to Idaarderadeel for the official document."

Records from Ellis Island indicate Sikke's port of departure was Rotterdam, South Holland, The Netherlands, on the ship NIEUW AMSTERDAM. His arrival date was March 23, 1909.

[NI0133] Harm came to America first in 1889. He worked in this country for five years until he had enough
money to send for the rest of the family. The family located on a farm near Lennox.
This info came from LeAnn Carnes.

[NI0134] Came to America in 1876 from Bremen, Germany on ship OHIO, landing in Baltimore.

[NI0155] Marilyn was cremated

[NI0157] William was cremated

[NI0169] Lubbert was a boerenknecht (farm-hand/worker).

[NI0204] William was a WWI veteran.

[NI0207] Was killed in an auto accident

[NI0326] Peter could have been born in either France or Germany depending upon which country claimed
the land at the time of his birth.

[NI0330] Eilert drowned when he went through the ice at Dalevatnet.

[NI0331] Justine also had a child as a widow, Odin Kjøsterud, father was Simon Kjøsterud.

[NI0338] According to Sharon Reich Anderson, Roger was only a few months old when he passed away.

[NI0387] Roolf Uphoff settled in DeSchmitt, SD
Roolf Albreth Uphoff was born Aug. 21, 1877 in Sandbauerschaft, Kreis Norden according to his discharge papers. The village of Sandbauerschaft became a part of Norden in 1919 according to Uwe Rademacher, who worked in the registration department of the townhall of Norden, Germany in 2001.

[NI0422] Robert was stillborn per Howard LePier.

[NI0451] Evert and family came to IA, USA, in 1876 and then in 1881 moved to a farm south of Lennox, SD.
They were affiliated with the Turner County First Presbyterian Church and are buried in the church
cemetery. Evert had a brother Harm Hinderks Schneudermann born June 28, 1833 who lived in
Holland, Pipestone, MN. This info shared by Amy Martini.
A release from Prussian citizenship was granted to Evert and his family at Simonswolde, District
Aurich, on March 16, 1876 at Aurich. Per Release Certificate #3373.

[NI0471] The wives of Hinderk, Antje Everts Krull and Harmke Evers Krull, were sisters.

[NI0492] The Schneidermann family originated in Simonswolde, Ostfriesland (now northwestern Germany) in the
year 1811. Harm JanBen, his wife Syver Jellen, and their 5 children: Jelle Harms, Jan Harms, Hinderk Harms, Geeske Harms, and Harm, adoped the surmane Schneidermann in response to a decree issued by Napolean to the conqured German people. Soon after, Ostfriesland came under Prussian control and stayed that way until Germany's unification in 1866. By the late 1850's through the 1880's, Schneidermann family members emigrated to America to make for themselves a better life. They settled in Ostfriesland communities found in Illnois, Iowa, South Dakota, and Minnesota.

By John Erick Schneidermann

[NI0505] Killed by commrade in battle.

[NI0515] Asa and Roxana are cousins.

[NI0534] Noah and Mehitable are twins

[NI0554] Mehitable and Noah are twins.

[NI0569] Ancestors of Horace Graves were found in a family genealogy published by David F. Graves of Charlotte
NC. The line was documented in the book "Thomas Graves of Hartford, Ct./Hatfield, MA" by John Card
Graves published in1896 and updated in 1985 by Kenneth V. Graves.

[NI0575] According to the 1860 Town of Mt. Pleasant, Green Co., WI Eli was a farmer. Value of Real Estate:
$1800, Value of Pers. Property: $600

[NI0576] Ann died during childbirth. The infant also died.

[NI0582] Cerro Gordo County Marriage Record: Book A, pg 146, # 838 (aka Annie) Minister: J. J. Clark

[NI0586] Came to America in 1905

[NI0587] Came to America in1902

[NI0588] Fell over in a heap in the woods.

[NI0589] Came to America in 1899.

[NI0593] Came to America in 1924.

[NI0595] Occupation: cotter (farmhand) with land, fisherman, and grave digger

[NI0597] There are several birthyears given in documents I have found.
Obituary from Heritage House in Fosston, MN 1844
Headstone with info probably given by Funeral Home in Fosston, MN 1845
Immigration list from Norway 1858

Anne and Jens came to America in 1893

[NI0605] cotter with land (farmhand)
Information for the ancestors of Elen Shelde(Skjelde) LaPier was received from Anne Hildrum and
her Bygdebooks from Nord Trøndelag. Also from Mr. Harald Storaker from Norway, who steered
me in the direction of Fosnaes, Nord-Trøndelag. A big Thank You to the Heritage House in Fosston,
MN. for their efforts in finding the information about Mrs. Bengaard that made this whole process

[NI0610] According to the Lennox Independent newspaper in Lennox, S.D., Mar. 30, 1922 Vol 39 Num 15 pg1
Teetje came to America at the age of 15 yrs., locating first in Freeport, IL, later to SD. Her funeral services were held at the German Reformed Church in Lennox, SD.
On a Quit claim registered in Turner County, SD in 1907, the spelling of her name was Teitje Jibben. Jacob Jibben(her step son) was the administrator.
5-8-2001 In a report from a researcher in Germany, Hilda Bruns, Tatacha's birth name was TEETJE. Four of Teetje's sibblings I had, were verified, and Hinderk and Trientje were added. Hilda found the name of Teetje's mother, her mother's parents and the parents of Teetje's father, Ulfert. A stepmother and half brother and sisters were also found.

[NI0624] Name could be spelled Irvin.

[NI0634] Information for the Jibben ancestors was shared by Mr. Bob Jibben of Minneapolis, MN and Mrs
Gene (Shirley) Jibben in Revillo, SD. Some of the information from Bob Jibben was gotten from
a friend in Germany. Mr. Hans Kracht explains that until the mid 19th century, the people in
Ostfrieslans had no fixed family name. It was usual, that the son got his father's first name as his surname. Note. father Jibbe Itzen, son Gerd Itzen Jibben, grandson Willem Gerdes.

[NI0661] Evert was a boerenknecht (farm-hand/worker),kastelein (innkeeper), winkelier (shopkeeper) and melkrijder ( milk collector).

[NI0662] Hotske was a boermeid (farm servant).

[NI0663] Fokjen lived at Offingawier, Friesland, residence of her guardian Pier Ruurds VanDerZyl.

[NI0664] Tjitske lived with her guardian, Pieter Ruurds VanDerZyl.

[NI0666] Lubbert was an kastelein ( innkeeper).

[NI0667] Baukjen was an kasteleinsche ( innkeeper).

[NI0668] Evert was a boer (farmer).

[NI0678] The marriage ended in divorce, according to court proceedings, because he abandoned the family and did not support Tatacha. Also was verbally abusive. Divorce finalized Feb. 10, 1913, according to
courthouse records in Canton, Union, SD.

[NI0684] occupation: arbeiter (workman/labourer)

[NI0690] Fokje was a boermeid (farmer's servant) and boerin (farmer's wife/farmer).

[NI0700] Ella was killed in a car accident.

[NI0701] Betty died when she was about three years of age.

[NI0711] Steven was an illegetimate son.

[NI0712] occupation: arbeiter (workman/labourer)

[NI0714] occupation: arbeiter (workman/labourer) Steven's birth was recorded in the churchbook Wybelsum.

[NI0720] occupation: webermeister (master weaver)

[NI0722] occupation: arbeiter (workman/labourer)

[NI0724] occupation: warfsmann (farmer), arbeiter (worker/labourer)

[NI0726] occupation: arbeiter (workman/labourer)

[NI0728] occupation: schneidermeister (master tailer)

[NI0733] occupation: arbeiter (workman/labourer)

[NI0740] occupation: arbeiter (worker/labourer)

[NI0742] occupation: zimmermann (carpenter)

[NI0744] occupation: schneider (tailer)

[NI0750] occupation: warfsmann (farmer)

[NI0752] occupation: arbeiter (workman/labourer)

[NI0758] occupation: rademacher (wheel maker)

[NI0766] occupation: Dorfschiffer (village shipper) The boat would be a canal boat that was towed either by a person or an ox/horse/ other beast. Was mentioned in 1719 in Campen.

[NI0767] occupation: warfsmann (farmer)

[NI0769] occupation: schmied (blacksmith)

[NI0771] occupation: sielrichter (maintainer of the siel) A siel was the door separating the dike from the canal system so he maintained the water levels of the canal system.

[NI0775] occupation: heuermann (farmer) Here the land involved has herititary rights. The person who inherits the land (usually the oldest son) becomes the new HAUSMANN. However, the next oldest son inherits rights to rent a portion of the land. The renter is the HEUERMANN.

[NI0781] occupation: farm hand in Westermarsch Research done by Folkert Tjaden from Marienhafe, Germany.

[NI0783] occupation: working man in Dornum

[NI0787] Occupation: Farmer in Westermarsch, later Ekeler Gaste

[NI0788] According to researcher, Folkert Tjaden, Fentje was actually born in Tjüche, a small dorf (only a few homes) very near Marienhafe.

[NI0789] Occupation: Working man in Westermarsch In 1810 he chose the name Wichmann or Wiegmann.

[NI0791] Occupation: Farmer in Lütetsburg

[NI0793] Working man in Tjüche

[NI0794] Occupation: Farmer in Lütetsburg

[NI0795] From Süderneuland

[NI0797] Occupation: Farmer in Holtgaste. Reseach done by Folkert Tjaden of Marienhafe, Germany

[NI0798] From Nesse

[NI0803] Information received for Haye Itzen, Itze Hayen, and Heye Itzen was given to me by a decendent of Engelbart Willm Jibben, the brother of Jacob Willms Jibben. The website is and the owner is Jürgen Jibben.

[NI0811] Came to America in 1868 with his wife,Grietje (Grace).

[NI0836] Burial: Cremation

[NI0842] Saddie Nuttbrock Kuper is Jennie's stepmother

[NI0844] Saddie Nuttbrock Kuper is Jane's stepmother

[NI0845] Saddie Nuttbrock Kuper is Kelly's stepmother

[NI0846] Saddie Nuttbrock Kuper is Grace's step mother.

[NI0847] Saddie Nuttbrock Kuper is Harm's step mother.

[NI0852] Christopher was in WWI, Company B, 89th Div..

[NI0864] Anna was a widow and her family name was Ahlrichs.

[NI0866] Day laborer at Tjüche.

[NI0882] Information regarding the DeGroot family has been provided by Mr. Tjaart E. Martens residing in Grouw, Frl, the Netherlands. His wife, Grietje de Jong is related to Klaasje Postma, through the parents of Fokje de Jong, the second wife of Evert Gerbens de Groot. Together with Klaasje and her mother, Trijntje De Groot Postma, he has researched this family.

[NI0903] Klaas was an arbeider (laborer, usually a farm worker).

[NI0904] Jantje was born at eleven a.m., the father being occupationally absent.

[NI0907] Trijntje was born at 8 p.m.

[NI0918] Gerrit was an boer (farmer).

[NI0919] Cornelis was a vrachtrijder (teamster/carrier),winkelier in galanterie (fancy goods dealer) and brandstoffenhandelaar (coal & peat (fuel) dealer.

[NI0930] Richard Cordwell and wife Martha along with at least 7 children, came to America in May of 1884. They settled first in Paris Twp, Kenosha Cty. By 1858, they had 70 acres in the E half of Section 32, Mt. Pleasant Twp., Racine Cty., WI.

According to the 1841 Census Transcript from Irlam, Lancashire, England, Richard was a cotton weaver.

Richard Cordwell and Martha Peirson were married by John Clowes (Vicar) at the Eccles Parish Church in Lancashire, England.

[NI0990] Information is gotten from the books of Wiegboldsbur - Suntke Uphoff. Suntke was a worker/laborer in Neuland near Coldinne and in Wiegboldsbur: baker and farmer.

[NI1005] Hindertje died of exterior diseases and defects/damages, according to researcher, Folkert Tjaden.

[NI1013] F. Tjaden stated Bernhardus died in Münkeboe or Upende

[NI1014] Antje Henrichs Uphoff died while living at her son, Jürgen's home.

[NI1017] Hinrich was a farmer in Hagermarsch, Ostfriesland, Germany.

[NI1020] Hinrich is a farmer in Walle.

[NI1021] Research for the Uphoff family was done by a professional researcher, Folkert Tjaden from Marienhafe, Germany.

[NI1049] According to notes Marilyn Geller has from her parents, William Straka Sr. had a sister, Anna Morovitz. The 1880 Crawford County, WI has a Joseph Straka, widower, listed with a divorced daughter, Anna Morovitz and her children living with him.

[NF002] Cerro Gordo County Marriage Record: Book A, pg 34, #142 Minister: H. Warner

[NF005] Marriage Certificate of Joseph LaPier and Elen indicate she was married as Ellen Bengaard.

[NF136] Marriage witnesses: Robert Cowell, Myra Graves

[NF303] Divorced May 1974 in Albuquerque, Bernalillo, NM

[NF328] Marriage witnesses: Geo. Ruffridge, Daisy Graves.

[NF369] Cerro Gordo County Marriage Record: Book A, pg 124, #722 Minister: J.J. Littler

[NF371] Cerro Gordo County Marriage Record: Book A, pg132, #722 Minister: L. S. Cooley

[NF391] Marriage took place in the Holy Cross Lutheran Church.


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